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Haseeb Qureshi
Audiohand, Knoxville

Tennessee licensed attorney who's coded, designed, and lead his way into startup life and music tech @audiohand CEO, AvenueFactory

Haseeb Qureshi is a Tennessee licensed attorney, who’s coded, designed, and lead his way into startup life and music tech. Haseeb holds a B.S. in Business & Psychology from Carnegie Mellon and a J.D. from University of Tennessee College of Law. He has been a Tennessee licensed attorney since 2011, and a self-taught coder since 2000. While finishing his education, Haseeb had a short stint as a studio manager in Los Angeles, and had been a music recording engineer for years prior.

Haseeb started Avenue Factory in 2012, and won a competitive bid to redesign the City of Knoxville’s website. Since then, Haseeb is known to many as a regional thought leader in digital media and business strategy. Haseeb is an alumni of the inaugural MediaWorks program in 2014, TN’s first digital media accelerator. Haseeb has also served as the first TN instructor of the inaugural YEA! program in TN in 2015, being recruited by the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. 

Currently, Haseeb is the CEO of Audiohand, a TN-native music technology company that betters musicians’ music recording; a recording app that has been downloaded by thousands worldwide since March 2015. Haseeb continues to advise and mentor several startups and companies in East TN, and can be reached at or on Twitter at @_hq.

Focus Areas:

  • Digital Media


  • Funding
  • Peer Collaboration
  • Mentorship
  • Business Ideas
Top Accomplishments

I'm proud of my future wife, and of our relationship. I'm proud of my family, and how hard the work for what they have.

And I'm proud of my perspective and mindset, learned through many twists and turns in my life. I feel those are my accomplishments. Nothing else matters, and is ornamental at best.

Favorite Word?

Optimism. I love the energy that surrounds the idea of a hopeful and bright future. Rather than be negative or cynical, people should focus on their prospects.

What Inspires You?

Creating things, creating value, connecting people together. Finding ways to have more people "collide" with more people, and how that energy does translate, and help grow and cultivate more positive energy.